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Hey Guys

With us back in action a few weeks now the class is starting to look more and more as it did before COVID. July has turned out to be a cracker of a month with the weather. In some cases it was even too hot to take our classes outside! August Class Registration is now open. Click on this link to register your place for August. 
Below short video of our students working hard..

About us

Welcome to the I.M.K.A. website.

Based on the north side of Dublin, at Chanel College, we are a non profit organisation.

Mugendo means "The Unlimited Way" & is a Japanese based Martial Arts System. 

We train at our Dojo in Chanel College in Coolock Village every;

 Training Times:


 Junior classes are from 6:00p.m. till 7:00p.m.

 Senior classes are from 7:15p.m. till 8:30p.m.


 Junior classes are from 6:00p.m. till 7:00pm.

 Senior classes are from 7:15p.m. till 8:30p.m. 

Saturday (Morning class)

 Junior classes are from 10:00a.m. till 10:45a.m.

 Senior classes are from 11:00a.m. till 12:15p.m.   

Interested in giving it a go? We would love to tell you to drop in when you have some free time, but with current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic we would really appreciate if you got in touch over one of our Social media channels and we can arrange to slot you to train with us.

 Whether you are a complete beginner or have trained before, your'e more than welcome, and all levels of fitness and ability are catered for.


Check out our facebook page,  follow us on Instagram (we will follow back!) if you wish to contact us privately email 

To learn more about the Sports Inclusion Disability Charter please visit the CaraCentre webite 

Click on the below link when completing payment after registration for the coming month's training.